Road revolution and other changes

Yesterday Happy Tale has been updated to the latest version. Major changes (except for multiple fixes):

  • new mechanism for receiving gifts from requests; from now all information will be visible in the Game Center and waiting for approval for one week; ordered items do not go automatically to the stash, we find them now in the gifts tab, so we can see who fulfills our requests, we can collect them there;Gifts tab
  • change mechanism for planting new crops, they can be put only in the plots, which cost 100 gold (you can buy them in store), you can also hide and keep empty plots for later;Plot
  • new way of putting fences, paths and rivers, they will automatically be set up in one piece (the connection paths may be formed in the square);Revolution
  • new window when we no longer have the energy; we can also buy packs of energy with a discount 50% and now we ask for energy only after exhaustion of energy, which we have received from friends;Out of energy
  • access to the Doghouse is also available through the My Stuff;Doghous in My stuff
  • new players have changed tutorial (introduction), which includes a new system of planting crops;
  • The Romans, who sometimes appears in massively, are the result of bugfix, you must beat them once.

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