New version & gifts

Yesterday “Happy Tale” game has been updated to the new version. List of changes that we noticed:

  • adding sending gifts, every day we have another pool of gifts, you can send one gift to one person per dayGifts
  • new letter and number hedges – you can send it as a gift or purchase with magical runes (premium currency) in the shop;New hedges
  • trees block the possibility to move heroes; you have to remove barriers to allow heroes to move;
  • changes in game balance (gold in buildings, food from crops), what we noticed this is more food from chili and sunflower (premium crops);More food
  • changes in the market: rewards and time for all collection has been changed, rewards are greater; we can also get the magic wand with last collection; again we can replace several collections at once; accelerate  is cheaper, now it costs one magic rune (premium currency);Market
  • palisade (decoration) is back for the gold;
  • herbs collection  has been divided into three operations (it costs three energies), so we have greater chance of getting flowers;Herbto collect mushrooms you have used two energies;Mushroom
  • promotional packs for the energy are also available directly in the shop;Energy packs
  • event Galo 2012 is not highlighted in the shop, items are still available on the following pages;
  • many other changes and improvements.

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