Update 8.11.2012 – Magic Wand Revolution

Translated from Polish:

New Items:
– every day there may be a special window in the village with gifts,
– gifts sent via Game Center fall on the village, so that you could see what you get from other,
– Romans now became more disruptive, range around them will be shown (all within it costs more energy), it is worth to get rid of them,Romans
– in the game there are new animations associated with magic wands,
– information window will appear with instructions for the game and the technical settings of adobe flash player,Window
– premium buildings now give more gold and extra energy.

– the game will load faster now,
– the number of enemies who may appear in the village is limited.

Bug fixes:
– improving all the animations in the game,
– improvement of all reported causes of UPSs,
– improved click-throughs on objects,
– block walk along the river.

Into the game more than 160 fixes and modifications have been added.

Source: http://nk.pl/#grupy/283768/forum/345#post1.


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