Important info from the game creators

Hello Dear Friends.
Today we have one of this days in our work where we have to take tough decision.
As you all know, we have problem with processing all requests you are making for resources in game. You send us tons of mails with complains that you did not recived what you have asked for, and you know that yours friends have sended to you.

We are aware of this problem for some time now. Problem is at amount of request you can do from game to your friends. You are sending milions requests every day, and our Database servers can’t hold the traffic. We are adding new server everyday to hold still rising amount of requests. Right now there is more servers which are processing those requests, than servers witch are holding whole game.

It has to stop, because delay with requests processing will only grow. Day by day you will be reciving less items from requests, and more of those requests will never reach target.

Our game was designed in way that you can ask for each item type one friend daily.
We thought that this limit will be fair for users because they can ask one friend for many resources daily. This have to be change in way other similar games have it.

So new request limit from this day will be: One request per one friend.

Soon (I think 1 week from now): there will be new requests window, easyer to use, where you will be able to send aditional requests for hearts to same friends.
We are doing it zynga style. So we know that this is something you are already used to.

To help you finish started buildings, we are giving all of you 10 runes.

Best Regards.



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