Achievements on Facebook

Achievements on Facebook:

Dog Saver An award for rescuing a dog.
Magician Use Magic Wand 10 times.
True Decorator Place 50 decorations in a village.
Wealthy Celt Collect 5 times gold from a building.
Animal Soul Collect 15 times Druid’s production.
Swimming in gold Collect 50 times gold from a building.
Favorite Client Collect 15 times Innkeeper’s production.
Big Time Farmer Place 10 fields in a village.
Fury Apprentice Collect 3 times Berserker’s production.
Very Hard Worker Use 1000 Energy.
Romantic Dreamer Collect 50 times Bard’s production.
Shopkeeper Sell 10 Collections.
True Friend Collect 50 times Foreigner’s production.
Profesional Musician Collect 15 times Trumpeter’s production.
Deco Freak Place 25 decorations in a village.
Hard Worker Use 100 Energy.
Music Lover Collect 15 times Bard’s production.
Peacekeeper Collect 50 times Druid’s production.
Fury Expert Collect 15 times Berseker’s production.
Amazing Warrior Collect 50 times Warrior’s production.
Day Trader Sell 1 Collection.
Archers Mate Collect 3 times Archer’s production.
Legendary Trumpeter Collect 50 times Trumpeter’s production.
Great Tavern Amateur Collect 50 times Innkeeper’s production.
Warrior Servant Collect 3 times Warrior’s production.
Foreigner Comrade Collect 3 times Foreigner’s production.
Tavern Visitor Collect 3 times Innkeeper’s production.
Fury Master Collect 50 times Berserker’s production.
Brave Hearer Collect 3 times Bard’s production.
Women Rescuer Collect 50 times Archer’s production.
Dog Lover Wake a dog 3 times.
Casual Hearer Collect 3 times Trumpeter’s production.
Decorator Place 10 decorations in a village.
Faithful Squire Collect 15 times Princess production.
Palladin Collect 50 times Princess production.
Nature Spirit Collect 3 times Druid’s production.
True Merchant Sell 30 Collections.
Casanova Collect 3 times Princess production.

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