Previews, previews …

This week we found out more about the planned changes. Unfortunately we have to wait a bit longer, but new things are very interesting:

  • 110 new quests,
  • 20 new levels – maximum 60,
  • possibility of unlock all expansion (areas),
  • rise time of trees and herbs will be accelerated by 20%,
  • for the cleaning of withered crops we get a prize – a bit of food (10%),
  • new decorations (spooky tree, Roman ruins) give a lot of happiness,
  • for each new level we will get more and more runes: 20 level 20 runes, 30 -> 30 runes, 40 -> 50 runes, 50 -> 100 runes,
  • opportunity to exchange materials for runes,
  • changes in the gold collectors.

All of these things are being tested and checked, this list may change a bit, so please take this into consideration.




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